A National Conversation

This Sunday my wife and I watched the Oscars.  I was moved by the two winners who mentioned their personal experiences with suicide.  The first one was the mother of a son who committed suicide, and she called for a national conversation on the topic.  The second person was the winner of the adapted screenplay writer award, and he spoke about feeling suicidal when he was a teenager.

In the past I have been a part of the WinterSpring group for those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  This weekend I will be attending a WinterSpring training workshop.

It occurred to me that it is important to see both sides; the person agonized to the extent that this becomes a possible solution, as well as the loved ones who remain living with the loss and grief.  In my mind trauma is the thread that ties both together.  The impact of trauma tends to expand like waves.  I intend to explore this theme, so would welcome any reaction in the comments section.