Documentation for Dean Spillane – Walker, Author / Facilitator Transforming Organizations and Relationships (Book: due out Fall 2015) The Calling: Standing Together for a New Human Operating System.

Dean Spillane – Walker
Author / Facilitator
Transforming Organizations and Relationships

(Book: due out Fall 2015)
The Calling:
Standing Together for a New Human Operating System.


Recommended Books:

Laudato Si, On Care For Our Common Home. Pope Francis
Encyclical, Released June 2015.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate
Naomi Klein

Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change (2nd Edition) May 2015.
Michael Mann, Lee R. Kump

Recommended Movies:

Cowspiracy (The Movie)
“Incredible Expose re the Real Impact of Animal Agriculture”

Climate Science Data and Projections:
Websites for up to date and peer reviewed information:

Skeptical Science:

Climate Central:
Activist Organizations:

The Climate Mobilization
Global organization based in USA.
Inviting pledges to mobilize.

This Changes
Naomi Klein started this organization to bring her book into action.

The Earth Statement
A glo bal coalition of scientists, celebrities, business leaders, government leaders et al.
Committed to a clear set of proposed solutions and mitigation steps to help solve our Climate Change challenges.

The People’s Test on Climate 2015

Nothing less than a systemic transformation of our societies, our economies, and our world will suffice to solve the climate crisis and close the ever-increasing inequality gap.
The urgency to keep temperatures down is not just about the planet and the environment. It is about people, and our capacity as humanity to secure safe and dignified lives for all.

The thirteen groups which endorsed the document—including Friends of the Earth-International, the Mesoamerican Campaign for Climate Justice, the International Trade Union Confederation, ActionAid, Oxfam International, and—say the vision it contains can rightly be viewed as a “litmus test” by which the final agreement should be judged. And though specifically addressed to just three individuals—the president of the UN General Assembly, the president of the previous COP20 climate talks in Peru, and the upcoming COP21 in France—the message from the coalition is targeted at all governments that will be negotiating the new climate agreement.

The Solutions Project
Committed to powering the USA then the world, with renewable energy.
Mark Ruffalo
Blue Oregon Action
Oregon based activist organization.

California Climate Breakthrough Initiative
Powerful California Climate organization.

Climate Change Denial

Understanding Climate Change Denial / edX
University of Queensland
On-line course.

Merchants of Doubt (book and documentary)
Naomi Oreskes
How cynical, monied interests are using the same tactics used by cigarette manufacturers
To create an atmosphere of doubt around Climate Change.


The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From the Future
Imagined Future Collapse / Written by Climate Scientists.
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway 2014.
What the collapse of our human structures and Earth habitat could look like in the not too distant future.

Video Clips:

Honesty: Poetry by David Whyte
Mark Pellington

Dr Natalia Shakhova East Siberian Arctic Shelf…Methane and Climate Change
Nick Breeze
Pressure on Climate Scientists by Corporate Interests

The Newsroom: Climate Change Interview.


(1) Wikipedia: History of Climate Change Science

(2) We have experienced the 14 warmest years on record within the past 15 years.
NOAA data, 2013.

(3) Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years.
The Guardian, Damian Carrington. September 12, 2014
Scientists at World Wildlife Fund and Zoological Society of London.

(4) Sixth mass extinction is here: Humanity’s existence threatened
Science Daily. Rob Jordan. June 19, 2015
Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich, Anthony D. Barnosky, Andrés García, Robert M. Pringle and Todd M. Palmer. Accelerated modern human–induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction. Science Advances, 2015 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1400253

(5)150-200 Species Extinct Each Day.
Protect nature for world economic security, warns UN biodiversity chief.
The Guardian, John Vidal, Environment Editor.
August 16, 2010

UN Secretary General of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Ahmed Djoghlaf relays findings of the UN Environment Programme.
The Earth is in the midst of a mass extinction of life. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.

(6) Current Updates and Disturbing Trends.
Dahr Jamail / Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins; 2015 on Pace to Become Hottest Year on Record.
Truthout. June 29, 2015.

(7) New NASA data show how the world is running out of water.
Washington Post, Todd C. Frankel June 16, 2015

(8) Canada’s Beaufort Sea is becoming acidic more quickly than any other ocean in the world, research suggests. National Post / Bob Weber, The Canadian Press / June 22, 2015

(9) Losing Frozen Earth Could Cook the Planet
Interview with Woods Hole Research Center Scientist, Susan Natali.
Living on Earth / PRI’s Environmental News Magazine. June 12, 2015.

(10) Invited by the Vatican, Naomi Klein Makes Moral Case for World Beyond Fossil Fuels.
Common Dreams, Nadia Prupis, July 2, 2015.

(11) Laudato Si, On Care For Our Common Home. Pope Francis
Encyclical, Released June 2015.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate (book)
Naomi Klein

(12) Methane Hydrates – Extended Interview Extracts With Natalia Shakhova
An interview with Nick Breeze. European Geophysical Union in Vienna, 2012

Arctic Methane Release – permafrost, apprx 85x more powerful as GHG
Could release in explosive fashion, accelerating all manner of ACC.

She goes on to say that the release of only 1% of the more conservative potential reserve of Methane would double the amount of Methane currently in the atmosphere.
…and to destabilize 1% of this Arctic Shelf Methane… “it’s not much effort needed.”

This release of Methane “is not a matter of thousands of years… it is a matter of decades.”

This area is also seismically active in addition to the obvious warming of the entire Arctic, including the ocean temperatures. All of these factors contribute to the possible acceleration of projected timelines of Methane release.

“Everything looks anomalous now… after these last ten years of research and observation.”
“We do not like what we are seeing there… absolutely do not like.”

The arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. (later interview, short doc, Arctic Emergency, Scientists Speak 2014

(13) Sea Levels Could Rise At Least 20 Feet
Climate Central, July 9, 2015 Brian Kahn


“The ultimate guide to understanding Climate Change and the work of the IPCC”
Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change (2nd Edition) May 2015.
Michael Mann, Lee R. Kump



Geoengineering / possible tech solutions

Ken Caldeira
Carnegie Institute for Science / Department of Global Ecology
Stanford University
Interview on Inquiring Minds Podcast #79 – 2014
“Can Geoengineering Save the Planet?”
Caldeira is at the top of this field and freely suggests that if we use geoengineering to try to fix Climate Change problems – we will likely encounter large scale negative repercussions that may further aggravate our deteriorating climactic conditions.


Civilization as Heat Engine / Only Answer is to stop or greatly reduce industrial society.
Tim Garrett
Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Utah

Is Global Warming Unstoppable?
University of Utah / November 22, 2009
Climate Change and Climate Science: Information, Activism and Support


Climate Voices
A national directory of climate scientists who are willing to speak to interested groups about Climate Change.
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307

Carbon Footprint Calculator / US EPA
What is your carbon footprint?

The Lie We Live / YouTube video
Powerful overview of our global situation.
Spencer Cathcart, January 27, 2015